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Yu-Gi-Oh! Asian Championship Plus 2013

Champion – Taiwan 2012
Lin Yi Jyun [Dragunity Ruler]
Wu Chung Wei [Mermail]
Sun Jen Hsiang [Elemental HERO]

1st Runner-Up – Taiwan 2013
Lin Shen Long [Fire Fist]
Chen Bo Nian [Evilswarm]
Hsieh Jia-Chi [Dragunity Ruler]

2nd Runner-Up – Thailand
Juldis Kludpuang [Evilswarm]
Weerapun Suebyoubol [Dragon Ruler]
Wittawin Waitsuparat [Fire Fist]

3rd Runner-Up – South Korea
Song Ji Ho [Dark World]
Shin Hyeon [Mermail]
Park Jae Hyeon [Fire Fist]

Hong Kong
Chak Tsz Kit [Dragon Ruler]
Lai Cheuk Shing [Evilswarm]
Ma Wing Sang [Infernity]

Elvis Agoto [Dragon Ruler]
Irwin Jansen Arogo [Evilswarm]
Chito Racimo [Lightsworn]

Li Yu Han Melvin [Evilswarm]
Low Weng Fong [Mermail]
Oon Lip Sen [Dragon Ruler]

Ng Nian Jie [Mermail]
Calvin Ang [Dragon Ruler]
Daniel Ang [Evilswarm]

Source: YuGiOh Edition Singapore


Yu-Gi-Oh! Asian Championship Plus Qualifier 2013

Hong Kong (1st December 2013)
Li Zhuo Cheng [Evilswarm]
Ma Yong Sheng [Infernity]
Chak Tze Kit [Dragon Ruler]

Malaysia (17th November 2013)
[4-Axis Fire Fist]
[Dragon Ruler]

Philippines (2nd December 2013)
Chito Racimo
Irwin Arogo
Junjun Agoto

Singapore (24th November 2013)
Calvin Ang [Dragon Ruler]
Ng Nian Jie [Mermail]
Daniel Ang [Evilswarm]

South Korea (15th November 2013)
Shin Hyung [Mermail]
Park Jae Hyun [3-Axis Fire Fist]
Song Ji Hyo [Dragon Ruler]

Taiwan (21st December 2013)
Yet to be held

Thailand (17th November 2013)
Juldis Kludpuang “SoN” [Evilswarm]
Werapun Suebyoubo “Pink”[Dragon Ruler]
Wittawin Waitsuparat “Boat” [Dark World]


Asia Championship 2014
Taipei, Taiwan
22nd June 2014

World Championship 2014
Rimini, Italy
9th-10th August 2014

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