Yu-Gi-Oh! Malaysia World Championship Qualifier 2012

Player: Teoh Zhen Pei
Deck: Ninja Hieratic
Rank: Malaysia 2nd Runner-up
Source: Dueling Legacy

Monsters: 21
1 Luster Dragon #2
1 Wattaildragon
1 Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning
2 Cardcar D
3 Effect Veiler
2 Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit
3 Hieratic Dragon of Su
3 Hieratic Dragon of Eset
2 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
3 Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo

Spells: 14
3 Pot of Duality
3 Hieratic Seal of Convocation
2 Mystic Space Typhoon
2 Forbidden Lance
1 Heavy Storm
1 Monster Reborn
1 Book of Moon
1 Enemy Controller

Traps: 5
2 Ninjitsu Art of Super-Transformation
2 Torrential Tribute
1 Solemn Judgment

Extra: 15
1 Ancient Sacred Wyvern
1 Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
1 Black Rose Dragon
1 Blade Armor Ninja
1 Maestroke the Symphony Djinn
1 Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja
1 Number 61: Volcasaurus
2 Hieratic Dragon King of Atum
1 Inzektor Exa-Beetle
1 Photon Strike Bounzer
1 Number 25: Focus Force
3 Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger

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